Cyber Crime

wThis is an emerging risk for most business that is not restricted to having an online business or shopfront. Any business that may utilize servers, laptops, PDAs, Tablet Devices, Cloud Storage or Computing, smartphones, online software all have exposures to a varying degree which may be compounded be regulatory requirements.  This policy provides cover where others don’t. There are usually several components to good cyber policy.

 Own Damage or First Loss Cover. A cyber policy can cover your loss associated with a cyber crime, such as hacking, Trojans, worms, viruses and the like on your network or which may have disabled your own website or computer systems. The costs of reinstating those systems can be covered by a cyber crime policy with own damage or first loss cover. This is not covered within a Cyber Liability Extension or Cyber Liability policy (a liability policy is often 3rd party losses only, see below)

 Third Party Losses or cyber liability components to a cyber crime policy relate to the consequential loss to others as a result of your systems breach. This may be stolen credit card information, stolen customer plans or data, or perhaps a fine or penalty associated with breach of privacy laws. 

Finally, some cyber crime policies offer an interruption cover which responds to the loss of income you suffer as a result of your network breach. This can be important if your business is hacked or suffers at the hands of a virus as this is a common exclusion under most business or office packaged policies.




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