Allianz Farm Insurance

Allianz Australia have announced the release of their upgraded Allianz Farm Insurance Package policy for policies that will commence from the 15th November, policy wording number POL065BA/FI 09/15.

Aside from revised pricing on their farm package to help make the policy more affordable, the following new or upgraded covers will apply to the Allianz Farm Insurance.

Allianz Farm Insurance

Key product features:

  • Home - choice of cover between the new Defined Events option and accidental damage option has been made available, allowing you to choose the cover right for you; and Home cover benefits have increased;

  • Farm property -  choice of cover between defined events and accidental damage to your farm property and the introduction of four new unspecified covers for Farm buildings, Farm contents, Farm machinery, and Infrastructure and Improvements;

  • Fencing - removed the underinsurance clause which means that the cover for fencing no longer requires you to insure 100% of the fencing on the property unlike some other policies; 

  • Theft of Farm Property - extended cover Australia wide;

  • Increased cost of working - expanded existing benefits and introduced new benefits for the increased cost of working.

To arrange a quote with Allianz Farm Insurance package, call us today on 1300 429 707 and let us help you compare your cover.