Business Insurance with Drone Liability Cover

Vero to Cover Drone Insurance

Vero Insurance have announced that their latest public liability update will include cover for Incidental Drone use within the business activities of a customer.

Whilst there are already existing Drone Insurance policies available, such as the Brooklyn UAV Insurance, these policies are aimed more at business who's primary activity is to use a drone, such as Aerial Photography, Real Estate Photography and Journalism.

This new market first cover through Vero Insurance is aimed at ensuring ordinary business owners, whether a roofing contractor inspecting guttering or a roof without climbing a ladder, the owner of a cafe or clothing store who decides to use a drone for a special purpose like getting that shot of their building for their new marketing campaign, to ensure that if something goes wrong they do not find themselves without cover.

The average business owner may not be aware, but many liability insurance policies exclude damage arising from ownership, the use of, repairs to, or products sold for the purpose of Aircraft or in some policies 'anything that flies'. This means that if the drone suddenly fell whether from user error, low battery, loss or range, or signal malfunction; if that drone damaged property or injured someone, there would be no cover under most business liability policies.

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